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Apple Vision Pro Global Rollout Starts On June 28, Unveils VisionOS 2


Apple Shares Slide Nearly 2% On WWDC 24 Day: Magnificent 7, Tech Stocks Hold Gains

Apple shares dropped 1.9% after the WWDC 2024. The event introduced "Apple Intelligence," a generative AI update in iOS 18, enhancing Siri and privacy features. Apple also partnered with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to its devices and expanded Vision Pro availability to eight more countries.


Apple's MacBook Air M3 Series Gets Massive Discounts


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Historical Prices for Apple

DateOpenCloseDaily HighDaily Low

Price change over selected period:0%0

Apple Analyst Data

Total Analysts: 99

Buy Ratings: 68 Neutral Ratings: 28 Sell Ratings: 3

Analyst: {{ANALYST_DATA}}
Price-Target: {{PRICE_DATA}}
Rating: {{RATING_DATA}}

Price *Price Target

Lowest: 158.00 Median: 210.38 Highest: 275.00

*The average price target includes all analyst analysis, not just the most recent analysis presented in the chart.

Apple Analyst Opinions

  • All
  • Buy
  • Hold
  • Sell
06/04/24Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$216gut
05/29/24Bank of America Merrill LynchMaintained Buy$230gut
05/24/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$275gut
05/13/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
05/03/24Capital DepescheMaintained Buy$215gut
05/03/24Itau BBAUpgraded to Hold$188neutral
05/03/24Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$216gut
05/03/24Bank of America Merrill LynchMaintained Buy$230gut
05/03/24J.P. MorganMaintained Buy$225gut
05/03/24Barclays CapitalMaintained Sell$164schlecht
05/03/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
05/03/24RosenblattMaintained Hold$196neutral
05/03/24Needham & Company, LLCMaintained Buy$220gut
04/29/24Citigroup Corp.Maintained Buy$210gut
04/29/24BernsteinUpgraded to Buy$195gut
04/22/24Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$210gut
04/17/24Maxim GroupMaintained Hold$178neutral
04/16/24Needham & Company, LLCMaintained Buy$220gut
04/11/24J.P. MorganMaintained Buy$210gut
04/09/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
04/01/24Loop CapitalMaintained Hold$170neutral
03/25/24UBSMaintained Hold$190neutral
03/21/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
03/12/24Bank of America Merrill LynchMaintained Buy$225gut
03/05/24RosenblattMaintained Hold$189neutral
02/28/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
02/12/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
02/02/24J.P. MorganMaintained Buy$215gut
02/02/24Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Maintained Buy$200gut
02/02/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
02/02/24Barclays CapitalMaintained Sell$158schlecht
02/02/24Needham & Company, LLCMaintained Buy$220gut
01/31/24RosenblattMaintained Hold$189neutral
01/30/24Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
01/18/24Bank of America Merrill LynchUpgraded to Buy$225gut
01/04/24Piper SandlerDowngraded to Hold$205neutral
01/03/24D.A. Davidson & Co.Maintained Hold$166neutral
01/02/24Barclays CapitalDowngraded to Sell$160schlecht
12/20/23Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
12/11/23Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$250gut
12/08/23Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$220gut
11/24/23Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$240gut
11/03/23RosenblattMaintained Hold$189neutral
11/03/23Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$210gut
11/01/23Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc.Maintained Buy$240gut
10/31/23Needham & Company, LLCMaintained Buy$195gut
10/30/23Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Maintained Buy$200gut
10/30/23Barclays CapitalMaintained Hold$166neutral
10/24/23Bank of America Merrill LynchMaintained Hold$173neutral
10/16/23Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$210gut

Apple Estimates* in USD

Dividend Yield (in %)0.50 %0.52 %0.54 %0.53 %0.55 %
P/E Ratio29.8827.3824.9626.7926.08
Net Profit101,401107,576115,496119,963124,455
Net Profit Adjusted102,849108,675114,007129,413133,905
Pre-Tax Profit120,807128,108137,209157,628175,016
Net Profit (Adjusted)120,500127,089138,851159,625-
EPS (Non-GAAP) ex. SOE6.587.207.818.72-
EPS (GAAP)6.597.197.897.357.55
Gross Income177,976188,251201,421200,496207,163
Cash Flow from Investing-4,983-10,214-1,130-10,686-11,007
Cash Flow from Operations116,284129,749140,861143,865148,479
Cash Flow from Financing-103,799-94,280-98,185-15,663-15,820
Cash Flow per Share7.678.469.46--
Free Cash Flow105,215116,237131,193133,179137,473
Free Cash Flow per Share6.848.008.788.168.34
Book Value per Share4.435.066.61--
Net Debt-56,209-42,891-62,867-470,421-592,074
Research & Development Exp.31,45933,28134,92234,08535,077
Capital Expenditure9,86410,70311,31010,68611,007
Selling, General & Admin. Exp.26,22527,59829,37927,49027,972
Shareholder’s Equity70,99585,293132,161471,113590,674
Total Assets349,192375,961433,699785,570911,149
Previous QuarterCurrent Quarter
ending 06/30/24
Next Quarter
ending 09/30/24
Current Year
ending 09/30/24
Next Year
ending 09/30/25
Earnings Estimates
No. of Analysts-33324444
Average Estimate-1.326 USD1.530 USD6.590 USD7.191 USD
Year Ago-1.260 USD1.460 USD6.130 USD6.590 USD
Publish Date-5/2/20247/24/2024--
Revenue Estimates
No. of Analysts-31304242
Average Estimate-83,663 USD92,258 USD386,976 USD410,349 USD
Year Ago-81,797 USD89,498 USD383,285 USD386,976 USD
Publish Date-5/2/20247/24/2024--

* Average Estimates in Million (e.g. Revenue) or per share (e.g. Dividend). Source: FactSet

Apple Insider Activity

NameDateshares tradedshares heldPricetype (sell/buy)option
LEVINSON ARTHUR D05/29/202475,000.004,359,576.00191.58Sell No
KONDO CHRIS05/14/20244,999.0029,278.00190.40Sell No
Adams Katherine L.05/09/20241,850.00291,543.00n/aSell No
KONDO CHRIS04/14/20243,120.0034,277.00172.69Sell No
KONDO CHRIS04/14/20248,119.0037,397.00n/aBuy No
WILLIAMS JEFFREY E04/10/202459,162.00489,944.00172.22Sell No
Maestri Luca04/10/202412,894.00107,788.00175.02Sell No
Maestri Luca04/10/202427,600.00120,682.00174.12Sell No
Maestri Luca04/10/202412,700.00148,282.00173.19Sell No
LEVINSON ARTHUR D02/28/2024100,000.004,434,576.00180.94Sell No
JUNG ANDREA01/31/20241,852.0074,489.00n/aBuy No
GORE ALBERT JR01/31/20241,852.00468,995.00n/aBuy No
LEVINSON ARTHUR D01/31/20241,852.004,534,576.00n/aBuy No
Gorsky Alex01/31/20241,852.004,023.00n/aBuy No
BELL JAMES A01/31/20241,852.0038,527.00n/aBuy No
KONDO CHRIS11/28/20235,513.0029,174.00192.00Sell No
Adams Katherine L.11/16/2023123,448.00n/a188.79Sell No
Adams Katherine L.11/15/2023123,448.00293,266.00n/aSell No
Adams Katherine L.11/15/2023123,448.00123,448.00n/aBuy No
KONDO CHRIS11/09/20234,806.0034,687.00184.04Sell No
KONDO CHRIS10/14/20235,272.0039,493.00178.85Sell No
KONDO CHRIS10/14/202310,785.0044,765.00n/aBuy No
Maestri Luca10/08/202312,685.00107,661.00178.91Sell No
Maestri Luca10/08/202319,000.00120,346.00178.55Sell No
Maestri Luca10/05/202332,010.00139,346.00177.89Sell No

Apple Dividend Calendar

2023Apple Inc.0.940.55USD
2022Apple Inc.0.900.60USD
2021Apple Inc.0.850.58USD
2020Apple Inc.0.800.71USD
2019Apple Inc.0.751.37USD
2018Apple Inc.0.681.20USD
2017Apple Inc.0.601.56USD
2016Apple Inc.0.551.93USD
2015Apple Inc.0.491.73USD
2014Apple Inc.0.451.80USD
2013Apple Inc.0.412.36USD
2012Apple Inc.0.090.40USD
2011Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2010Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2009Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2008Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2007Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2006Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2005Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2004Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2003Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2002Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2001Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
2000Apple Inc.0.000.00USD
1999Apple Inc.0.000.00USD

*Yield of the Respective Date

Apple Inc. Calendar

Earnings Report1.530 USD Q3 2024 Earnings Release07/24/2024
Earnings Report- Q4 2024 Earnings Release10/24/2024
Earnings Report- Q1 2025 Earnings Release01/30/2025
Earnings Report- Q2 2025 Earnings Release04/24/2025

Apple Inc. Past Events

EventActual EPSInfoDate
Earnings Report 1.530 USDQ2 2024 Earnings Release05/02/2024
Press Conference --05/02/2024
Press Conference --02/01/2024
Press Conference --11/02/2023

Apple Profile

Apple, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of smartphones, personal computers, tablets, wearables and accessories, and other varieties of related services. It operates through the following geographical segments: Americas, Europe, Greater China, Japan, and Rest of Asia Pacific. The Americas segment includes North and South America. The Europe segment consists of European countries, as well as India, the Middle East, and Africa. The Greater China segment comprises China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The Rest of Asia Pacific segment includes Australia and Asian countries. Its products and services include iPhone, Mac, iPad, AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, AppleCare, iCloud, digital content stores, streaming, and licensing services.


Apple’s initial public offering in 1980 raised more capital than any other IPO since Ford Motor Company in 1956. What’s more, it created instant millionaires out of about 300 employees. Apple’s stock price at IPO was $22 per share. (read more)

But it was a long road to these millions for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, both college dropouts, who set out to design a user-friendly personal computer from the garage of Jobs’ parent`s house in Los Altos, California in Silicon Valley.

A local computer store chain, The Byte Shop, was planning to sell Steve Jobs’ bare circuit boards for $40 each, but instead was convinced to order 50 of Jobs’ fully assembled Apple I computers, paying $500 on each delivery.

Wozniak wasted no time in moving on to the Apple II. Released in 1977, the updated model kept many of the innovative features from the duo’s first machines, like the 60 character-per-second display screen and cassette interface, while adding more memory and colors to the display. Apple II sold at a minimum $1,298 price point, setting the stage for much bigger cash flow into a growing Apple.

In May 1980, just five months before its IPO, Apple released the third generation of its computer. Apple III, like Mac computers of today, forwent the cooling fan. Rather, the computer dissipated CPU heat through the machine’s chassis.

On December 12, 1980, Apple stock began trading on the Nasdaq at $22 per share. Steve Jobs, the largest shareholder, made $217 million on the first day of trading. By the end of trading on that Friday afternoon, Apple’s stock price had risen by almost 32%, closing near a stock price of $29 and resulting in a market value of $1.778 billion for Apple.

1981 saw Apple’s first shareholder meeting as a public company. Held at the Flint Center at De Anza College in Cupertino. Steve Jobs’ prepared speech was reportedly interrupted several times and eventually devolved into an emotionally-charged rant about respect and betrayal.

After Apple’s first two-for-one stock split in June 1987, shareholders received two shares at a stock price of $41.50 each for their stock which had closed the previous day at stock price of $78.50.

Throughout the 1990’s, Apple stock price would swing violently. Often times falling below as stock price of $10. But by the time the 2000 boom rolled around, Apple’s stock price skyrocketed above the $30 mark.

The year 2000 also brought about Apple’s second stock spell. On June 21, with Apple’s stock price at $101.25, Apple issued two shares to investors at $55.62.

Five years later, with Apple stock price at an ever-higher $88.99, Apple issued a third two-for-one stock split. At market close on February 28, Apple’s stock price was $44.88 per share.

Unfortunately, the financial crisis of the late 2000’s would spell an end to Apple’s good times. As concerns of Steve Jobs’ deteriorating health proliferated, Apple began diversifying from computers, adding consumer electronics like iPod and iPhone. The App Store would debut in the summer of 2008.

Four years later, in September 2012, when Apple’s stock price first broke $700 per share (accounting for stock splits), one share of Apple bought on IPO day would now be eight shares with an impressive overall return rate of 25,439%.

Thanks to the astronomical rise over the years, Apple split the stock again in June 2014, this time seven-for-one. Three years later, in 2017, with Tim Cook at the helm and a services business providing a bulk of revenue, Apple’s stock price is still steadily climbing.

Moody’s Daily Credit Risk Score


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


Moody’s Daily Credit Risk Score is a 1-10 score of a company’s credit risk, based on an analysis of the firm’sbalance sheet and inputs from the stock market. The score provides a forward-looking, one-year measure of creditrisk, allowing investors to make better decisions and streamline their work ow. Updated daily, it takes intoaccount day-to-day movements in market value compared to a company’s liability structure.

Apple Shareholder

Ownerin %
Vanguard Group, Inc. (Subfiler)8.13
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (Investment Management)5.86
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.5.11
State Street Corp.3.81
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF2.99
Vanguard 500 Index Fund2.39
BlackRock Fund Advisors2.36
BlackRock Institutional Trust Co. NA2.06
Geode Capital Management LLC1.99
Fidelity Management & Research Co. LLC1.27
T Rowe Price Associates, Inc. (13F Subfiler)1.21
Norges Bank (13F)1.14
Fidelity 500 Index Fund1.14
Government Pension Fund - Global (The)1.12

Shareholder percentage totals can add to more than 100% because some holders are included in the free float.

Apple Management

Jonathan P. IveChief Design Officer
Timothy Donald CookChief Executive Officer & Director
Luca MaestriChief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President
Timothy CamposChief Information Officer
Jeffrey E. WilliamsChief Operating Officer
Carol A. SurfaceChief People Officer
Wanda M. AustinDirector
Ije NwokorieDirector-EMEA Retail Marketing
Elena SegalGlobal Director-Music Publishing
Frank CasanovaHead-Marketing, Augmented Reality
Arthur D. LevinsonIndependent Chairman
Alex GorskyIndependent Director
Monica Cecilia LozanoIndependent Director
Ronald D. SugarIndependent Director
Susan Lynne WagnerIndependent Director
Andrea JungIndependent Non-Executive Director
Tejas GalaInvestor Relations Contact
Katie KridelRetail Real Estate & Development Officer
Katherine L. AdamsSecretary, Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Steve MacManusSenior Director
Chris KondoSenior Director-Accounting
Ted KremenekSenior Director-Development Tools Department
Cherie M. FuzzellSenior Director-Global Alliances
Christian BubenheimSenior Manager
Benjamin BlatteisSenior Manager-Retail Real Estate & Development
Joyce LinSenior Manager-Retail Real Estate & Development
Anthony WuSenior Software Engineer
John GiannandreaSenior VP-Machine Learning & AI Strategy
John TernusSenior Vice President-Hardware Engineering
Johny SroujiSenior Vice President-Hardware Technologies
Sabih KhanSenior Vice President-Operations
Deirdre O'BrienSenior Vice President-Retail
Eduardo H. CueSenior Vice President-Services
Craig FederighiSenior Vice President-Software Engineering
Greg JoswiakSenior Vice President-Worldwide Marketing
Michael ShapiroTreasurer
Lisa P. JacksonVP-Environment, Policy & Social Initiatives
Kristina RaspeVP-Real Estate Development & Facilities
Isabel Ge MaheVice President & Managing Director-Greater China
Oliver SchusserVice President-Apple Music & International Content
Adrian PericaVice President-Corporate Development
Barbara WhyeVice President-Inclusion & Diversity
Brian HeaneyVice President-Industrial Design
Priya BalasubramaniamVice President-Operations
Kevin M. LynchVice President-Technology
Mike FengerVice President-Worldwide Sales
Apple Stock Price | AAPL Stock Quote, News, and History | Markets Insider (2024)
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