Associate Veterinarian-SW Missouri in Diamond, MO for Animal Clinic of Diamond (2024)


Posted: 23-Apr-24

Location: Diamond, Missouri

Type: Full Time

Salary: based on experience


Private Practice
















Salary Details:

Salary will be competitive with national averages for new grads. Additional services, interests, skills and full vs. part-time availability will all be considered for determining salary for experienced applicants. IRA, emergency compensation, health insurance, life insurance policy, dental/vision available, PTOWe have taken great strides to establish clear boundaries with our clients. Work/life balance is important to us as our goal is longevity in this community. One of the biggest benefits we offer is the respect of your time. The majority of the time you will leave by 5pm if you are not on call. After hours services are split evenly between associates. You will be compensated for the afterhours work. Opportunity to take additional call exists for the individuals who are financially driven and would like to do more.

Required Education:

DVM or equivalent

Associate Veterinarian wanted for MIXED ANIMAL PRACTICE in Southwest Missouri.

We are looking for our newest associate at Animal Clinic of Diamond. ACofD is currently a 3 doctor practice with graduates from Mississippi State, Missouri and LSU. We have continued to grow at a rapid rate and caseload is more than large enough to support at least one more fulltime veterinarian. Since starting our search, we have had some interest in part-time opportunities. We would be happy to discuss part-time options/opportunities with the right candidate.

Currently, all of our associates do a little bit of everything from pocket-pets to bulls. That being said with the way our caseload has grown and changed over the last couple years, we are open to applicants with more specific interests! We would welcome the addition of another mixed animal practitioner, but we would also welcome the more small animal minded applicant. Our current team of vets is very capable and happy to provide the large animal mentorship or carry more of the large animal caseload.

  • Small Animal Applicants: Our small animal caseload and client base has experienced consistent substantial growth over the last few years. The closest emergency referral clinic to our practice is about an hour's drive. The caseload can be just as challenging as you are comfortable taking on. In addition to the wellness and sick patient cases, we do a significant amount of repro, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery and oncology cases. The services we currently provide to these patients are limited by our own individual comfort level. We definitely have the demand to further develop services in these areas. We are very happy to invest in additional training and equipment in areas that better serve our patients, clients and community. The caseload has reached a point that could more than keep a primarily small animal associate busy. We completed a new boarding/hospitalization ward in 2022. We expanded our small animal treatment area and added an additional exam room in 2023. I encourage you to take a look at both our facebook and website to see pictures.
    • I personally feel this practice is a great opportunity for the individual with a strong small animal skillset and desire to develop/gain comfort on the large animal side. Our practice was originally built with large animal services in mind. Our staff is trained and experienced to help on large animal cases, and our facilities are up-to-date and designed with safety and efficiency in mind for the large animal side. Our associates would be more than happy to provide mentorship in the large animal side of the clinic at a pace you are comfortable with.
  • Mixed Animal Applicants:If you truly enjoy the diversity of mixed animal practice, you will have opportunity with any and all species you are willing to take on. We see equal amounts of small and large animal cases and are more than happy to allow you to pursue all of your personal interests. We also see exotics and pocket pets at a surprising rate despite not promoting those services at all. The demand for exotic services in our area is almost completely untapped and could easily increase if of interest. We are happy to support/foster individual interests and grow any area of the practice with you. We are fortunate to be located in an area that has no shortage in opportunities.
  • Large Animal Applicants:We welcome the opportunity to work with an associate with more specified large animal interests. Traditionally we have hired mixed animal associates, but with the continued growth in all areas of our practice we are open to exploring this option with you. While there are some other large animal practices in the area, many of these are older solo practitioners that have been referring an increasing number of cases/new clients our way. While we see a large number of equine cases, we have not scratched the surface of satisfying the demand in the area for equine work.


  • Large animal accounts for well over 50% revenue with beef cattle claiming the majority. There are a large amount of cow/calf producers in the area. We are also the consulting veterinarians for many local stocker operations easily combining for well over 150,000 stocker calves. We have recently completed a complete renovation of our haul-in facilities (there is a decent video on our facebook page)! The clinic is located on a working stocker calf ranch. We have a great set of sorting pens, covered starting traps, hydraulic alley way, silencer squeeze chute with scales, indoor and outdoor hospital pens, multiple loadouts, mobile hydraulic chute, mobile manual chute, mobile hydraulic foot trimming table with its own separate working area here at the clinic, 2 easi-scan ultrasounds, and a dystocia area. Currently there are 3 vet trucks set up with porta-vet beds.
  • Equinecaseload has easily doubled in the last year or two. Historically we have taken care of the horses for our big cattle clients along with emergency horse work. We've just recently dipped our toes in providing limited reproductive services, and it looks like this could easily take off if of interest. This area is rich with performance and ranch horses, and the services offered to these clients could easily expand. There is a large demand for equine work in the area. In the last few years we have added a concreted treatment area with stocks, a small indoor round pen, power floats, and in-house EIA lab for same day coggins. Additionally, you would have access to our outdoor arena with lights.
  • Swine and Small Ruminantsare surprising in number and continue to increase in popularity with the show kids in the area. This caseload could be easily increased as we have not yet advertised/pushed to develop this area.
  • Small Animalcaseload grows daily. Hardly any options exist in the immediate area for emergency cases. We have two fully furnished surgery suites with gas anesthesia machines, fully digital x-ray, 2 easi-scan ultrasounds, two multi radiance therapeutic lasers, and multiple in-house bloodwork machines. A new boarding/kennel facility completed and the end of 2022. It is a completely separate facility across the parking lot which allowed for additional small animal expansion within the current facility. We wanted to ensure that keeping more dogs did not negatively affect the work environment so the separate facility ensures dogs will not be heard or smelled while servicing our clients/patients. We embrace change and facility improvements and are excited about the impact this will have on the services we can provide.
  • The demand for Exotics and Pocket Pets continues to grow. We have increased the services provided for these clients, and it has been well received by this clientele with little/no advertising. This caseload could also easily increase as it has yet to be promoted.

Support staff currently includes 8 technicians (5 licensed), part-time receptionist, 2 office managers, kennel tech and a ranch hand that double as large animal technician if needed.

We take a lot of pride in the appearance and upkeep of our facilities. Plans to renovate/expand/improve are constant. You would be joining a team that actively works to continue to provide our staff, clients, and patients with the best environment we can.

Diamond is located about an hour west of Springfield, Mo and a little over an hour north of Bentonville, Rogers, and Fayetteville, AR if you are looking for access to a couple larger cities with things to do such as concerts, other young professionals or college/professional sporting events.

Please check out our website below!

Animal Clinic of Diamond

Most important to us will be an associate that is received well by our clients and fits well with our current staff. As is true with most rural practices, our clients are our family. The selection of our next associate will be focused on finding a self-driven individual that can embrace the team approach to our clientele. We are happy to support and develop individual areas of interests. Communication skills, integrity, professionalism, work ethic and your ability to work with our team is what will matter most to us.

We are excited about what the future holds for this place. Check out our UPDATED WEBSITE and Facebook to get some glimpses of the facility. Send us a resume, and schedule a time to come visit. We are always happy to show the place off!

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About Animal Clinic of Diamond

Animal Clinic of Diamond is a true mixed-animal practice that was established in Diamond, MO in 1992 by the late Dr. Harold Haskins and his wife Jayne. Dr. Haskins is responsible for the relaxed team-oriented atmosphere with an emphasis on beef cattle. Credit also “Doc” Haskins for creating a culture of local producers who understand the value and utility of the veterinarian when it comes to their operations. The clinic is located on an incredible 420+ acre ranch where we run 800-1100 stocker calves at any given time along with about 50 cow/calf pairs and all the horses we use for ranch work. While founded with an emphasis on beef cattle, the practice continues to rapidly grow in all areas. Our goal is to remain as full service as possible for our client base. To us this means continuing to learn and provide new/improved services, new/improved equipment, and applying it to all species.In addition to our website, we are also active on our Facebook page.

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Associate Veterinarian-SW Missouri in Diamond, MO for Animal Clinic of Diamond (2024)
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