Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (2024)

A look at the analysts' choices at No. 4 and No. 27 overall

Apr 18, 2024 at 11:51 AM

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (1)

Zach Gershman

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (2)

We are officially one week away from the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit, which means there's seven more days for experts and "experts" to share their mock drafts with the world. Some believe that with the first three picks projected to be quarterbacks, the draft truly starts once the Cardinals are on the clock.

The Cardinals have the No. 4 and No. 27 overall pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Trade options are being discussed. The team has many needs they'll look to fill through the draft as Ossenfort and Co. decide who they'd like to welcome to the Valley.

This mock draft tracker, the fourth of five versions, features opinions from NFL experts for both selections. Mock draft tracker 5.0 will be shared morning of Round One April 25.


Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (3)

Jay LaPrete/AP

WR Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State

Marcus Mosher, The33rdTeam; Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz, USA Today; Kyle Stackpole, CBS Sports; Sam Monson, Pro Football Focus; Mel Kiper and Field Yates, ESPN; DraftBlaster; Josh Edwards and Chris Trapasso, CBS Sports; Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News; Charlie Campbell, Walter Football; Michael Rochman, The GameDay; Adam Caplan, Pro Football Network; Harley Schultz, The Huddle; Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports; Natalie Miller, DraftWire; Tyler Forness, The Sporting News; Josiah Caswell, Pro Football Network; Dan Parr,

For all of the talk about the Cardinals trading out of No. 4, a majority of experts believe Ossenfort will stick-and-pick with Marvin Harrison Jr. It's fun to speculate the haul Ossenfort could get in exchange of the selection but it's equally as fun to speculate what a true WR1 looks like in Drew Petzing's offense. Once Kyler Murray came back, the offense looked like it was clicking, yet was still missing one piece to put it all together. Could MHJ be that player? Possibly. The 6-foot-4 wide receiver is considered one of the best non-quarterback prospects in recent memory. Speculation is fun.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (4)

Rick Scuteri/AP

WR Rome Odunze, Washington

*Selected at No. 6 - Trade with Giants where Cardinals receive No. 6, No. 70, 2025 2nd round pick for No. 4* - Peter Schrager,

The more I learn about Rome Odunze, the more I understand the hype. The statistics speak for itself and there's a reason why he's in the Top 10 discussion. On the field, he's one of the best route runners in the draft and tracks the long ball like Corbin Carroll. Giving Murray a threat on the outside with the ability to make a contested catch is an important trait the QB didn't have much of in 2023.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (5)

Gerald Herbert/AP

WR Malik Nabers, LSU

*Selected at No. 4* - Connor Rogers, NBC Sports

*Selected at No. 6 - Trade with Giants where the Cardinals receive No. 6 and a 2025 first round selection in exchange for No. 4* - Nick Wright, Fox Sports

Okay, so let's address Connor Rogers' mock draft first before fans start scratching their heads. Harrison Jr. is already off the board, drafted by New England. This is a possibility. While it's expected that the Patriots select a quarterback, this isn't a guarantee. If MHJ is off the board, that leaves Malik Nabers and Odunze as the other WR1 options. Nabers has been in LSU's WR room that has produced some of the NFL's best wide receivers within the last decade. After a 1,569 yard, 14-touchdown season, he's earned the right to be in the conversation as WR1 in the draft.


Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (6)

Barry Reeger/AP

Edge Chop Robinson, Penn State

Marcus Mosher, The33rdTeam; DraftBlaster; Harley Schultz, The Huddle; Josh Edwards and Chris Trapasso, CBS Sports;

Chop Robinson reportedly had a Top-30 visit with the Cardinals and met with the team at the combine where he ran a 4.48 40-yard dash. His first step, burst, and athleticism stands out amongst the best in the position group. He's an athlete that has a lot to learn once he makes it to the NFL, but his potential is through the roof.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (7)

Vasha Hunt/AP

CB Kool-Aid McKinstry, Alabama

Nick Wright, Fox Sports; Charlie Campbell, Walter Football; Connor Rogers, NBC Sports

Kool-Aid McKinstry has been all over mock draft boards. I've seen him as high as 15 and as low as No. 35, the Cardinals second-round selection. He could be overshadowed since he's not the top cornerback in the draft even from his own college -- that'd be Terrion Arnold -- but he's a capable and talented press corner.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (8)

Colin E. Braley/AP

EDGE Darius Robinson, Missouri

Just as Peter Schrager mentions in his mock draft, after the Senior Bowl, Darius Robinson's versatility continues to be a factor into his draft stock rise. The 6-foot-5, 285-pound edge rusher lined up along the line of scrimmage and no matter where he was placed, he made an impact on the play.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (9)

Jacob Kupferman/AP

CB Nate Wiggins, Clemson

Dan Parr,; Tyler Forness, The Sporting News; Mel Kiper and Field Yates,; Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz, USA Today

In coverage, few are better in the draft than Nate Wiggins out of Clemson. His speed is unreal, clocking in at the combine with a 4.28. His biggest knock is not being as strong against the run. But line up him up on the outside, Wiggins will compete.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (10)

Jeff Chiu/AP

G Troy Fautanu, Washington

Vinnie Iyer, The Sporting News

Ah, a guard. At the beginning of draft season, offensive line was the overwhelming position group mocked to the Cardinals at No. 27. A week before the draft? Not as much. Players like Troy Fautanu are still in the conversation though as Ossenfort always has an eye on the trenches.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (11)

Jeffrey McWhorter/AP

DT Byron Murphy II, Texas

Josiah Caswell, Pro Football Network

On the other side of the line, Byron Murphy II has also been a wild card when looking at the various mock drafts, projected to land in the mid-teens to late first round. Regardless of when he lands, in this case No. 27, he enters this draft process as the top interior D-lineman in the class and could be a disruptive force in the run game.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (12)

Michael Conroy/AP

OT Amarius Mims, Georgia

Natalie Miller, DraftWire

Amarius Mims is another player with tons of potential. There's a chance he plays guard in the NFL, but his size is that of a tackle. If the Cardinals turn in his card, he'd earn valuable experience learning from Paris Johnson Jr. and Jonah Williams.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (13)

Julio Cortez/AP

WR Adonai Mitchell, Texas

Kyle Stackpole, CBS Sports

This was an interesting selection, not because it's Adonai Mitchell, but because Kyle Stackpole has the Cardinals taking MHJ and Mitchell. If the Cardinals weren't able to secure one of the top three wide receivers, I can understand this pick a lot more. But Stackpole has Ossenfort and the Cardinals doubling down on the playmakers.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (14)

Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

G Graham Barton, Duke

Michael Rochman, The GameDay

Ossenfort invested heavily into the offensive line during free agency and it wouldn't be rare to see him continue that trend in the draft. Graham Barton, if selected, would come in and compete for a starting guard spot with the likes of Elijah Wilkinson and Trystan Colon.

Cardinals Mock Draft Tracker 2024 4.0 (15)

Gregory Payan/AP

G Zach Frazier, West Virginia

Sam Monson, Pro Football Focus

And so we come to the end of Mock Draft Tracker 4.0 with another guard. Zach Frazier has a lot of strength as an interior offensive lineman. That's a plus. Having shorter arms is one of his knocks, but according to's Lance Zierlein, Frazier's NFL comparison is former Cardinals offensive lineman, A.Q. Shipley.

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