EAB Navigate - Coordinated Care Network (2024)

EAB Navigate - Coordinated Care Network (1)

EAB Navigate is a student success platform for coordinated care of current Iowa State undergraduate students. The system connects students to campus resources to ensure their retention and success.

  • Units/offices on campus that use EAB Navigate for appointment scheduling (PDF)

How to login


Iowa State students can access EAB Navigate Student through Navigate360 or by downloading the mobile app through Apple or Google. Once downloaded, be sure to login with your @iastate.edu email and complete the short intake survey to get started.

Faculty and staff

To request initial access to EAB Navigate, completethis IT Services request and check the "EAB ISU Appointments" box when completing the request. Login through Navigate360.


To request new access or to remove access to EAB Navigate for yourself or someone in your unit, please completethis IT request form and be sure to check the box for “EAB Navigate - Access+”.

Once the Registrar ensures all trainings have been completed, they will grant access to Navigate. Then, we will receive the request form and ensure you have the appropriate roles and permissions for your role that ultimately allows more access to Navigate's advanced features.For a change of roles or permissions, email Navigate@iastate.edu with your request and we will get to your ServiceNow ticket as soon as possible.

Coordinated care simply means that a student is within and part of an integrated support system at Iowa State. This is the main purpose of EAB Navigate and for Cyclone student success. Whether it be needing help paying for college, academic advising, student assistance, student wellness, or another uniqueinterest, a student can be assured they have all the resources at their disposal for successful retention and graduation.

Care units are specific offices, departments, scholarship programs, or student populations with a common purpose. Together, all the care units compose the network of the coordinated care efforts.

This infographicprovides a visual of Iowa State University's CoordinatedCare Units and locations providing services.

EAB Navigate has Gmail/Outlook calendar sync. As you block off times in your email calendar, it removes your availability for students to schedule with you. In order to establish your Calendar Sync, please use this Scribe that will guide youstep-by-step to create a calendar sync.

Once you have calendar sync,establish your own specific availability based on your location and services (reasons for appointments). We recommend including the following:

  • Availability Active ofForever
  • Check the box for addingavailability to your Personal Availability Link (PAL)
  • Select Availability type of at leastAppointmentsandCampaigns
  • Include all services you want to be available for in your location and care unit

For more information on setting up your availability, please visit the Help Center about availability. If there are services or locations not available when establishing your availability, please email navigate@iastate.eduand we will ensure you have the correct roles and permissions.

As your calendar is synced and your availability is set up, details from your professional calendar are indicated as “busy” blocked off time within Navigate.

As one of the most dynamic and useful tools in Navigate, Advanced Search is used to obtain a list of students and certain information which can be used for creating student lists, messaging students, scheduling appointments, student recruitment, and for running campaigns.

Please visit this Help Center article about Advanced Search for videos, how-tos, explanation of terms, and ways to use Advanced Search to the full.

Review this infogram for quick hits and highlights on Advanced Search.

A case is an electronic “case file” where staff and instructors across care units(e.g., financial aid, student wellness,advising) can coordinate and collaborate to follow up with students to ensure the student experiences a needed intervention. Cases create a more formalized next step for action or intervention on an issued alert. The worst action is inaction!

  • It is recommended to make an action within twobusiness days and close a newly assigned case when the student has experienced an intervention
  • It is recommended to claim a case within three days of a case opening to ensure someone is meeting the needs of the student

Visit this infographicto learn about the difference between cases and alerts.

Visit this help center article for a video and short instruction on how to open, close, and reassign cases.

Alerts are central to Navigate's coordinated care efforts. Alerts are a way to draw attention to a student prompting an action from a particular office or the student’s support team. Alerts can be neutral, positive, or negative.View this infographicfor a list of alerts, who receives receives the alert, if a case is made, and types of alerts. All cases come from alerts, but not all alerts create cases.

For a refresher on the difference between cases and alerts, visit this infographic.

For further information about alerts, visit this help center article.

From an Advanced Search, student list, saved search, or from your assigned students, you can run a Campaign. There are five types of campaigns: Appointment, Progress Reports, Enrollment, Email, and Enrollment Census Campaigns. Depending on your roles or permissions, you may see only a couple.

A Campaign is a workflow to track and encourage students to schedule an appointment with you regarding a particular need. These are used mostly for enrollments, appointments, and progress reports.

Review this Help Center article on managing and making a campaign.

Additional resources can be accessed through the EAB Help Center by clicking on the "?" in the upper right-hand corner of your EAB screen.

If there is a System Outage, email: navigate@iastate.edu

For questions or more information contact:

  • Kelsey Gillen, (515) 294-7063, kmgillen@iastate.edu
  • Leif Olsen, (515) 294-2611, leolsen@iastate.edu
  • Hayden Merkel, (515) 294-1161, hmerkel@iastate.edu
  • Stephanie Negoda, (515) 294-5918, snegoda@iastate.edu
EAB Navigate - Coordinated Care Network (2024)


What is EAB navigate? ›

Navigate brings together students, administrators, advisors, faculty, and other staff in a collaborative network to holistically support students across the college journey. Students can access the resources and tools they need to stay on track and reach their goals.

Is EAB navigating a CRM? ›

EAB is also extending its CRM to support alumni engagement and fundraising. Together, the changes support students to, through, and beyond college—and cement Navigate as higher education's leading CRM solution. To reflect this growth, EAB is introducing a new name for the platform: Navigate360.

How much does EAB navigate cost? ›

EAB Navigate will help increase retention and persistence. Fall to Fall Retention helps the students, their family, the community, and APSU. The cost for the platform is $278,000 annually, with a predicted Return on Investment of $.

What does EAB do? ›

What does EAB do? We drive transformative change at more than 2100+ schools by providing insight-driven solutions in six major areas: enrollment; student success; data and analytics; institutional strategy; access and equity, and advancement.

What is the navigate 360 app? ›

Trusted by more than 850 colleges and universities—and serving more than 10 million students—Navigate360 is a powerful technology that unites administrators, faculty, staff, and students in a collaborative network that supports the entire student experience, from recruitment to career.

Which actions can you take using the navigate student mobile app? ›

Schedule appointments easily with your professors, advisors, and important campus offices including: Financial Aid, Career Services, Academic Success, Residence Life, First-Year Experience, Student Life, etc., in one convenient app.

What is the difference between CRM and e-CRM? ›

The main difference between CRM and e-CRM are that in CRM customer contact is initiated through traditional mean of telephone, retail store or fax where e-CRM in addition to telephone customer contact can initiated through internet, email, wireless and latest technologies.

What are the three CRM tools? ›

What are the 3 types of CRM? There are 3 types of customer relationship management software that you can use for your business: operational CRM, collaborative CRM, and analytical CRM.

What does CRM stand for? ›

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's an acronym you may see before words like “software,” “platform,” or “solution.” But a simple CRM definition doesn't explain the whole picture. Customer relationship management technology allows you to develop and nurture meaningful customer relationships.

Why is EAB a problem? ›

The emerald ash borer (EAB), an invasive wood-boring beetle from Asia, is responsible for the death and decline of tens of millions of ash trees in North America. EAB lays its eggs in the bark crevices of ash trees. The eggs hatch and the larvae burrow into the tree where they feed.

Who owns EAB? ›

In May 2021, BC XI signed an agreement to acquire EAB in 50/50 partnership with existing investor, Vista Equity Partners (“Vista”). EAB is the leading provider of subscription-based research, software and technology-enabled services to the higher education industry.

What is an interesting fact about EAB? ›

Adult EAB can fly several miles in search of new host trees and can also reinfest the natal tree from which they emerged. Dispersal of EAB naturally occurs at a slow rate but is greatly expedited through the transport of infested wood products and young ash trees.

What is SDSU navigate? ›

SDSU Navigate is an online tool designed to help you “navigate” SDSU from the first semester through graduation. Use SDSU Navigate to connect with your advisors, other members of your student success team, and programs across campus.

What is Starfish software? ›

Early alert software used by UNCG to enhance the feedback students receive about their academic performance, with the goal of providing students with earlier opportunity to take action.

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