France vs Belgium LIVE SCORE - Euro 2024: Latest updates from last 16 clash (2024)

France vs Belgium LIVE SCORE - Euro 2024: Latest updates from last 16 clash (1)

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  • Kolo Muani's late effort deflects in off Vertonghen
  • Sam Dymond

FRANCE have secured their spot in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals after beating Belgium 1-0 in Dusseldorf.

Kolo Muani's strike deflected past Koen Casteels for the game's only goal with minutes remaining.

France will play Portugal in the quarter-finals on Friday, July 5.

  • Match result: France 1-0 Belgium


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  • 1st Jul 2024, 19:42By Sam Dymond

    That's all from Dusseldorf

    Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain and now France.

    Five of Euro 2024's quarter-finalists are now known even if Les Bleus were every bit as unconvincing as their English counterparts.

    As the last of Belgium's golden generation disappear from another international tournament, Les Bleus march on to the last eight.

    Awaiting them? Well, we're about to find out when Portugal take on Slovenia in Frankfurt, and you can follow it all with our live coverage.


    France vs Belgium LIVE SCORE - Euro 2024: Latest updates from last 16 clash (2)
    FRANCE 1 BELGIUM 0 French reach Euro 2024 quarter-final after freak late goal


  • 1st Jul 2024, 19:28By Sam Dymond

    Unbeaten N'Golo stands alone

    France midfielder N’Golo Kante has now played the most matches in European Championship history without ever ending on the losing side (P12 W7 D5).


  • 1st Jul 2024, 19:26By Sam Dymond

    Blanking Belgium bow out

    Another defeat, another game without troubling the scorers despite some of the best attacking talent in the nation's history.

    Belgium exit the European championship, having now failed to score in five of their last six games at major international tournaments.

    The Red Devils have registered a combined 59 attempts on goal and posted an xG of 6.85 across those five goalless matches.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 19:18By Sam Dymond

    French take place in quarters

    With victory this evening, France have reached the quarter finals at the European Championship for a sixth time.

    No side has reached the final eight on more occasions than Les Bleus, although Portugal would top that if they get past Slovenia this evening.

    And the quarter-final that would produce? France against Portugal in Hamburg on Friday evening.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 19:04By Sam Dymond

    Match stats from Dusseldorf Arena

    Just four shots on target in the whole game, it's fitting that this tie has been settled by an own-goal.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:54By Sam Dymond

    Full time - France 1-0 Belgium

    France find a way.

    Yet again, their matchwinner was a player from the opposition with Randal Kolo Muani's late strike officially going down as a Jan Vertonghen own-goal.

    Les Bleus were the better team in Dusseldorf, but they will surely have to improve if they are to go all the way.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:52By Sam Dymond

    France 1-0 Belgium

    90+2. The corner is cleared upfield, and that will be the end of Belgium's short-lived rescue mission.

    France are heading to the quarter-finals.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:50By Sam Dymond

    France 1-0 Belgium

    90. Belgium will only have three additional minutes in which to rescue this.

    And even as De Bruyne heads over to take a corner, I have to say it doesn't seem likely.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:49By Sam Dymond

    France 1-0 Belgium

    89. Taking a leaf out of the Gareth Southgate textbook, Domenico Tedesco makes two changes with a minute left on the clock.

    Dodi Lukebakio and Charles De Ketelaere are on for Timothy Castagne and Yannick Carrasco.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:45By Sam Dymond

    France 1-0 Belgium

    87. Saliba has done a great job in dealing with Lukaku today, and now he does similar with De Bruyne as the captain threatens to sneak in around the back.

    The young defender is standing tall.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:44By Sam Dymond

    France 1-0 Belgium

    85. France finally find their goal!

    And - perhaps fittingly - it arrives with a huge slice of luck.

    After some patient build-up play outside the box, a pass is slipped into the feet of substitute Randal Kolo Muani.

    The forward rolls his marker and get a strike away that loops up off the thigh of Jan Vertonghen and beats the despairing dive of Koen Casteels.

    Kolo Muani races off to celebrate with the French fans at that end of Dusseldorf Arena, but it's unlikely that his effort would have gone in without the defender's intervention.

    Either way, France lead and there's only five minutes remaining!


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:43By Sam Dymond



  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:43By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    83. De Bruyne hits one! Saved by Maignan!

    Excellent, quick play from Belgium down the right sees Doku slip a pass into his captain's path, and he hits it first time from the edge of he box before Saliba can intercept.

    Alert to the danger, Maignan palms it away and France survive a rare Belgian break.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:41By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    80. Ten to go.

    Does anyone want to win this? Can anyone win this? I hope so because I could do with knocking off early.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:38By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    78. Mbappe has another dig, his fifth of this game and 15th of the competition.

    It's the same result though, and another goalkick to Belgum.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:37By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium - Vertonghen yellow card

    76. It's been a while since we saw the flash of Glenn Nyberg's yellow card so here's two for the price of one.

    First, he books Jan Vertonghen for a foul on Randal Kolo Muani in front of the dugouts, and then follows it up with a caution to Belgian head coach Domenico Tedesco for his complaints.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:34By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    74. Fed up of the forwards failing to fire, William Saliba takes matters into his own hands - and feet.

    The Arsenal defender collects outside the area, turns to beat one Belgian, speeds past a second, and then arrows a strike wide of the near post.

    Not bad.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:32By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    72. Doku has been permanently wearing a shocked look on his face in this second half, mostly directed at Glenn Nyberg.

    This time the Manchester City winger cannot believe that not only has he not been awarded a foul, but France have a corner too.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:31By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    70. Maignan finally makes a save!

    Lukaku works a rare opportunity for himself by shrugging off Upamecano inside the box, and hammering an effor across goal.

    The angle was against the striker, but it was still a smart stop from the French goalkeeper.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:29By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    68. Belgium are still to register a shot on target in this contest.

    France, meanwhile, haven't scored with any of their 63 non-penalty shots at Euro 2024 other than an Austrian own-goal.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:27By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    66. A quarter of the game remains and it is still deadlocked in Dusseldorf.

    Griezmann is off target with another attempt and both goalkeepers remain largely untroubled.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:22By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    64. The answer is both of them.

    Didier Deschamps introduces forward Randal Kolo Muani in place of Marcus Thuram while Orel Mangala is on for Belgium, taking over from Lois Openda.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:21By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    62. Both managers are deep in conversation with their support staff.

    Which will make the first move by turning to their bench?


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:20By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    60. What a challenge from Hernandez!

    De Bruyne finally conjures some magic in midfield, slipping Carrasco through on goal on the right.

    The forward storms into the box, preparing to strike across Maignan, but before he can connect he's halted in his tracks by the sliding tackle of Hernandez.

    The full-back celebrates the moment with his goalkeeper as if they had won the Euros.


  • 1st Jul 2024, 18:18By Sam Dymond

    France 0-0 Belgium

    58. Doku and Kounde are having their own battle out there on the far touchline, and you can throw in a ref that is determined not to give any free-kicks.

    Wonderful stuff.



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France vs Belgium LIVE SCORE - Euro 2024: Latest updates from last 16 clash (2024)
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