Video shows cop emptying bottles of whiskey from Kathryn Dennis's bag (2024)

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis was arrested for driving under the influence after getting involved in a three car collision. Her mugshot for the May 20 DUI

Shocking new video shows a police officer emptying bottle after bottle of Fireball whiskey out of Kathryn Dennis's Louis Vuitton dog bag after officers seized it following her arrest for causing a three-vehicle-collision last week.

In a cache of new footage, obtained exclusively by, the former Southern Charm belle can also be seen flunking her field sobriety test earlier that evening – wobbling shoeless in the headlights of the patrol car called to the scene.

Dennis, 32, was arrested and charged with being drunk at the wheel and transporting alcohol in open containers when she smashed into the back of a car as it slowed to a stop at a red traffic signal about 9.15pm last Monday. That car in turn hit the car in front of it.

Last week bodycam footage emerged of Dennis sobbing in the back of a police car as she was transported by officers of Goose Creek Police Department to Berkley County Detention Center in Monck's Corner, South Carolina.

Now, can reveal new details of that journey, of Dennis's erratic behavior and of the chaotic events that preceded it.

The former Southern Charm belle can be seen flunking her field sobriety test - wobbling, shoeless, in the headlights of the patrol car called to the scene

In the video, the officer takes the Fireball bottles out of the bag one by one, before coming across a single can of co*ke. He eventually throws them all in the trash.

According to the incident report obtained by, the first officer to speak to Dennis observed her 'glossy eyes' and 'the odor of alcohol emanating from [her] person.'

The officer also noted 'an unopened bottle of Fireball on the driver's side floorboard' and a 'pink tumbler cup in the center console which was empty'.

The officer noted that Dennis refused a breathalyzer test but agreed to undergo a field sobriety test.

Captured by the dashcam video of his patrol car the extent to which Dennis flunked the test is painfully evident.

According to his report the first test the officer carried out was the 'Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test,' in which a person is asked to track an officer's finger while the cop looks for the tell-tale involuntary eye jerking which happens when someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol looks to the side.

As well as smelling the alcohol on Dennis, the officer noted four out of six clues suggesting intoxication while conducting the test including a 'lack of smooth pursuit' on Dennis's part.

The next test was a walk and turn for which she chose to remove her sandals. Here the officer noted she could not even keep her balance while standing in the starting position, used her arms and hands for balance as she walked and missed the heel to toe requirement of the walk on numerous occasions.

She was also unable to balance on one leg without wind-milling her arms to keep her balance.

Later, oblivious to her performance, Dennis can be heard telling herself: 'I passed that f***ing field sobriety test. This is some b******t. Like, I literally am not drunk.'

Dennis was traveling with her golden doodle puppy 'Lil Gucci' whom she had placed in the back of the police patrol vehicle during these tests

Videos show the reality star handcuffed after failing sobriety tests. She tells the cops:Y'all are ruining my life'

Dennis was traveling with her golden doodle puppy 'Lil Gucci' whom she had placed in the back of the police patrol vehicle during these tests. When officers searched the pup's dog carrier they found, 'several mini bottles of Fireball, some of which were opened and empty.'

Indeed, footage of the search of that bag as she was booked into Berkley County Detention Center some hours later shows an officer removing at least ten miniature bottles from the bag – some are empty, some are open and appear half empty, others are full and still bound together by the plastic wrap of the multipack in which they were bought.

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Patrol car footage of the drive from the scene to the detention center reviewed by shows Dennis running the emotional gamut in attempts to derail the due process of her arrest.

At times she pleads, at others she wails in fury at being separated from her 'child' by which she means her dog.

At some points she threatens the officers with legal action, saying she will 'ruin' them, at others she attempts to chat more calmly and elicit sympathy.

When she sobs her tears appear to be out of frustration and anger that none of her tactics have any impact on the cops.

She accuses the officer of touching her inappropriately as he reaches across her to fasten her safety-belt across her lap while her hands are cuffed behind her back.

She then accuses the officer of trying to 'gaslight' her 'like my ex.'

Dennis's tumultuous relationship with disgraced former congressman Thomas Ravenel which resulted in two children and ended in 2018 when he was hit with sexual assault charges by three women, was the predominant plotline or her eight seasons with Bravo reality show, Southern Charm.

The reality star was also booked for driving with an open container

Dennis's tumultuous relationship with disgraced former congress man Thomas Ravenel ended in 2018. They share son St. Julien Rembert, eight, and daughter Kensington Calhoun, 10

At one point during her transportation to the detention center Dennis pleads for leniency from the officer arresting her saying, 'I'm going to lose custody of my children, please!'

But Dennis lost custody of Kensington 'Kensie' Calhoun, 9, and St. Julien 'Saint' Rembert, 7, to their father following a protracted and bitter custody battle as she repeatedly failed the court-mandated drug testing on which her rights to her children depended.

She now has supervised visitation with them every other Saturday and Sunday.

At another point she says, 'I'm never going to get my kids back. Thanks guys. There's literally no reason for me to be here. So congratulations it's f***ing b******t.'

Vacillating wildly, Dennis seems lucid at times, before lurching into a rage and threatening the officers, 'I will f***ing ruin you,' when they explain her dog will be taken into a pound until someone can come and collect him.

Later, in a moment of apparent resignation and exhaustion she says, 'There's no way to go back now is there?'

Dennis was booked into Berkely Detention Center Monday night where she was held before being released on bond. Her bond was set at $1,199.50 for the DUI and $257.70 for transporting an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Video shows cop emptying bottles of whiskey from Kathryn Dennis's bag (2024)
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